Long December

Ah yes. It’s that time of year — the time when blogs spring forth, filled with promise, bursting with ideas and idealism about The Way We Will Live in 2009. And here’s my addition. I have tried, with varying degrees of success, to blog on a number of subjects. My brain wanted to say: Hey, let’s keep this perfect and OCD-quality organized, and have separate blogs for separate ideas. As this hasn’t exactly worked for me, I am hereby moving on to a more comprehensive navel-gazing exercise.

Last night I started the usual pondering of the past year, and the past years that have gone before. Things have changed a lot for me. I’ve lost people who were important parts of my life, and met new friends while still relying on the old. Every year what it comes down to is this: I’m trying to move closer to living by my ideals, and I’m trying to learn that baby steps are OK. I always expect immediate and utter perfection from myself, and one thing I’ve learned is that This Does Not Happen. So here we are. Another turn of the wheel, another year approaches; another chance to bite off more than I can chew and see how much of it I actually manage.

In these last days before 2009 begins, I’m preparing my household binder. I’m working on meal plans to streamline our dinner process, so hopefully we never say “o hay what should we eat” at 7pm again. I’m trying to work in more time for the people who are important to me, by writing letters, sending cards, and giving small gifts. I’d like to learn to sew better, and make things for the house. And I want to expand my Etsy shop and participate in craft fairs. I’d like to incorporate last year’s lessons into this year’s gardening, and use our new chest freezer to help put food by. I plan to focus on my marriage, and make my relationship with Z even closer than it is now. And hopefully by the end of 2009, we’ll either have a baby or one on the way. This all sounds like a lot, but much of it really is stuff I’ve been moving towards for some time anyway. The new year is just an excuse to renew my commitment, and to start fresh in some cases.

So what, really, does that have to do with this blog? Well, I’ll probably make a post about each of my “resolutions,” detailing what I’ve already done toward my goals, and what I’m going to do this year. And my hope is that this will become a decent reference for those of us with homesteading, simple living, frugal crafty crazy cat lady mama tendencies to find projects and share advice.

And so, another blog begins.


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