Saturday is Lazy Day

To be fair, I did finish a dishcloth and a… towel topper today. Yes, a towel topper. Look, there’s no good place to hang a kitchen towel in our kitchen, and the topper is a great solution, and it’s not going to look all flea market country dollar store when I’ve got a cute embroidered tea towel on it, right? No pictures today; I was too lazy to get the camera out.

And for some reason I just thought, you know, painting the front of one of our (already craptacular, painted) cupboards in chalkboard paint would be awesome for cooking purposes. You know, scribble recipes on it, etc. I think that will have to go on the Projects I’ll Do Sometime list.

I didn’t do any sewing today, either. I did draw up a pattern, of sorts, for a portable game case; does that count?


3 thoughts on “Saturday is Lazy Day

    • It’s one of those crocheted numbers with the tab and the button that you see hanging from drawer pulls in kitchens. Usually they’re sewn on to the towel but this one cleverly features a hanging loop so I can switch the towel out. I’ll take a picture of it sometime. Maybe even today!

  1. A towel topper is totally on my to-do list. I’m going to sew some from material, though, as I cannot crochet, lmao.

    You should take a picture of your unique design so I can see it!

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