Freezer Inventory Printable List

This is the first of, I hope, many printable lists for you! to use! and organize your stuff! Take advantage of my OCD. It’s in PDF format, which we all know by know requires Acrobat Reader blah blah go download it if you don’t have it blah blah. I’ve split it into four sections, because a big, uncategorized list of freezer contents alarms me. Feel free to print as many copies as you’d like, and pass them along to friends, but if I find out you’re charging for them you will face the wrath of a flock of… seagulls. Or something.

Here’s how I use it. Each line has five checkboxes, so I write the item name on the line and then draw one diagonal line like this: / through a box for every one I have. So if there are three, I have three boxes with diagonal lines. Then, when I use the item, I draw ANOTHER diagonal line, comme ca, \, making an X. Horribly clever, I know.

Share and enjoy!

Freezer Inventory Printable List

Freezer Inventory Printable List


7 thoughts on “Freezer Inventory Printable List

  1. You can use it for your fridge-freezer too! I used to have an Excel spreadsheet but this is much easier to use because of the checkboxes (rather than numbers and alphabetical order and stuff). I hope you guys get a chest freezer soon. They come up rarely here on Freecycle (I never managed to get in fast enough to nab one).

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