Dress Your Sink

So if I haven’t clearly stated this by now, I’m sure you’ve figured it out, but we rent a house. Sadly this rather limits our renovation and decoration options sometimes. We’ve got a bathroom the size of a very small closet, and it’s… not especially attractive. It’s certainly not the WORST bathroom I’ve ever had in a rental, but it’s rather humdrum and blah. One of the worst parts is, of course, the plumbing fixtures. The shower taps, I am convinced, are irredeemable. No matter what I try, they’re all specky, and I think it’s maybe rust or something. Also the plastic parts that you turn are kind of… grimy from the inside, and just yuck. Really. The sink faucet and taps aren’t much better. But I figured if I cheered it up in there otherwise, it would be good, right?

The single thing I hated the most was looking at the undersink plumbing. Our sink is just mounted to the wall, with no cabinet or anything under it. Not particularly stylin’. Also, it’s really low which makes washing one’s face an exercise in lower back strength. Anyway, I decided I could use sticky Velcro to make and attach what we apparently call a “sink skirt” these days. So I did. I think it looks nice, and it was quite easy; just two hems and some gathering (which I kind of borked, but it still looks nice), some 3M picture hanging stuff (like Velcro, but not), et voila. And now I can hide the plunger and other unattractive bathroominess under it, too. What do you think? You can’t tell, but it goes down to about 1/2″ from the floor.


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