Musings on a Saturday Afternoon

Another Saturday, another snowstorm. We’ve got over a foot on the ground already and now we’re expecting about five inches more. My excitement is abated only by the fact that we have to go out tonight and buy groceries; the 11 for $10 sale on frozen vegetables doesn’t last forever, you know. That and I need a darning needle so I can weave the ends in on several knitting projects. Why I can’t keep track of the darn things is beyond me. Darn darning darn.

Meijer, the local grocery/superstore, is having actually quite a lot of 11 for $10 sales this week. Since we have this amazing chest freezer now, I plan to stock up as much as possible. Thanks to the wonder of coupons, the Green Giant frozen vegetables will in fact come to 11 for $5. Again I encounter the “is it organic?” dilemma; of course the answer is no. But I overestimated the performance of the garden last summer, and so we have to get the vegetables somehow. And life and ideals never quite meet up, so I console myself with the fact that we’re TRYING, here. Also on the list are plenty of other less-than-wondrous items: Brown and Serve sausage, bagged Romaine lettuce, conventional avocadoes. But all of it is better than eating out for every meal, and it moves us closer to the goal of eating sustainably and ethically. Baby steps.

Next subject! Switchplates. The bathroom (of the new sink skirt fame) has some really awful light fixtures and switchplates. Well, one of each. But they’re brass. Really ugly pseudo-brass. I don’t know what can be done about the light fixture proper, except perhaps to sand and spray paint it, but I think I can Mod Podge some fabric onto the switchplate quite easily. I think I’ll give it a try, soon.

That reminds me how much I hate our couch. It’s uncomfortable AND ugly, hurrah! I’d love to make a slipcover for it, but given that even storebought slipcovers make me want to tear my hair out, I’m not sure that’s a good plan. Plus, there’s the part where it’s really uncomfortable. The likelihood of acquiring a new couch anytime soon is pretty low, though. Things to ponder. Perhaps if we just rearrange the living room furniture my desire for a change in there will be met.

Last, but not least: Tomorrow is the AFC playoff game between the Steelers and the Ravens. I expect bloodshed, and I am nervous. Very nervous. Of course the Steelers will win. I had hoped to go up to Ypsilanti, to the nearest Steeler Nation bar, but between finances and snowy roads we’ll be watching from home instead. I need to figure out what to have for dinner; our tradition, during games, is generally to graze on snacky-foods. I think tomorrow might be a taco dip kind of day, but I’m also inclined to recreate a Primanti’s sandwich for the occasion. Pastrami, of course.

And now, knitting, and preparing to brave the cold in order to buy frozen foods. And maybe ice cream. Rocky road, anyone? (I’m planning to cut out refined sugars entirely for the month of February and the temptation to overindulge RIGHT NOW is… high.)


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