Breakfast Burritos, Freezer Style

After my last (depressing) post, I thought my loyal readers (hi you two!) might need something to cheer them up. And so I offer my “recipe” for breakfast burritos. It’s not so much a recipe as it is a general idea, and a damned good one in my opinion.

See, I know I should eat breakfast, but my inclination to prepare anything nutritious in the morning is approximately zero. And what with the salmonella in our peanut butter, my usual waffle with peanut butter seems less appetizing. I’ve tried to enjoy eating yogurt for breakfast, but it turns out I just don’t. Steel cut oats? Delicious, easily made overnight in the crock pot, and sadly a little too high on the carb-o-meter for my goals at present. This is not to say I never eat them, but a girl needs some variety.

Fortunately these are easy to make, easy to freeze, easy to heat up, and my husband likes them. He wants more cheese, but don’t we all? (PS – if you are one of those people who doesn’t like cheese, please don’t tell me about it or I will ever after regard you as some kind of alien arrived just to confound the rest of humanity.) Even if you’re not normally all up in your freezer’s business, trying to stockpile so you never have to eat at Burger King again, these are nice to have around. You never know when you’ll be in a hurry.

Breakfast Burritos, or: Eggs in a Blanket

Ha, ha; I am so clever. Anyway. This recipe, as written, makes approximately 18 burritos. If you add or subtract ingredients, or prefer a different filling-to-tortilla ratio, your outcome will be different. But delicious.

  • 1lb. of breakfast sausage. I like to make my own because I’m Like That, but we’ll talk about it another time.
  • 1 dozen eggs. Size doesn’t really matter much here. We’re not baking rocket science.
  • 8oz. of cheese, shredded. This assumes you are using run-of-the-mill lousy Kraft block cheese. I like Pepper Jack or Cheddar for this application.
  • 1T seasoning salt.
  • Black pepper.
  • Chipotle Tabasco (or other hot sauce, or dried chiles, or whatever).
  • 1/4c milk. Or water, if you don’t have the milk. But milk is better.
  • 18 flour tortillas of average size.

Put the sausage in a large-ish frying pan and brown over medium-low heat. Stir and smoosh with a wooden spoon as it cooks so you end up with crumbles rather than a giant meat cake. If you want to add sauteed vegetables to your burrito, this isn’t a bad time to chop them up. While the sausage is cooking, get a bowl or big measuring cup and crack all the eggs into it. Add the cheese, milk, and seasonings, and… you know, whisk so it looks like about-to-be-scrambled eggs.

Once the sausage is browned, drain some of the grease off. If your sausage is relatively lean (in which case why the hell are you eating lean sausage?) you may skip this step. If you want to saute some veggies, remove the sausage and set it aside, then put the veggies in the pan and saute to your liking. Then put the sausage back in and resume as described below.

Keeping the heat fairly low, pour the egg mixture into the pan with the sausage. I really prefer my scrambled eggs to be cooked slowly over low heat, so that’s how I roll. Cook and stir every so often. Once they’re JUST SET — this is important; if you cook them til they’re super-firm they will be nasty and water-oozy when reheated — JUST SET, OK? take them off the heat.

Take your tortillas and put some of the filling in each one. You may, if you wish, add extra cheese, or salsa, or anything you think might be noms. Roll them up burrito-style (though, honestly, I only ever fold one of the ends in, prefering to leave the other end open) and place on a baking sheet, seam side down.

Once they’re all rolled up, put them in the freezer. Leave them there just until they’re frozen. We don’t want frostburned breakfast. I put them in Ziploc bags in sets of three: Two for my husband, one for me. You do whatever flicks your Bic. Just make sure they’re nicely sealed and the put them back in the freezer.

To reheat one burrito, it takes about one minute in the microwave, on high power, wrapped in a paper towel. Two or three burritos take about two minutes. Congratulate yourself for eating breakfast. Yay!


5 thoughts on “Breakfast Burritos, Freezer Style

  1. I’d love to hear your recipe for breakfast sausage!! I have some ground turkey in the freezer that I would like to use. One giant meat cake please. LOL This sounds delicious and my husband would really like eating this for breakfast. Red bell peppers would make it pretty, too.

    • Well, actually, I use pork shoulder and grind it with the KitchenAid attachment. But you can try adding the basic seasonings and see how it turns out. It’s sage, thyme, coriander, salt, black pepper, either cayenne or red pepper flakes, and some maple syrup or brown sugar. I’ll do a more detailed post about sausage soon — it’s so much fun to make.

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