Noodles and Otters and Pez, Oh My

As you may have noticed from the photos in the sidebar here, we adopted a third cat this weekend. Initially we had spoken with the adoption group and decided on a 2-year-old marmalade boy cat, but his foster mom wasn’t sure she’d be able to get him into a crate. And sure enough, when she tried, he sunk his claws in and wouldn’t budge. So when we got to Petco yesterday, she suggested another kitty for us, a 4.5 month old chocolate brown girl named… Noodle. I generally try to adopt older animals, but they took Noodle out of her cage and handed her to me and I was smitten. So was my husband. She tried to eat his beard.

Noodle the Walrus Cat

Noodle the Walrus Cat

She’s a feisty little whirlwind of a kitten. Most cats I’ve adopted or worked with have found a piece of furniture to hide under, a vantage point from which to observe their new surroundings. Not this one. We let her out of the carrier (in which she slept quietly all the way home — another novelty) and she immediately started headbutting us and running around all over. Here you may see her inspecting the camera and looking like a tiny walrus. She’s really very small and weighs next to nothing. I often forget how small kittens really are.

Given her courageous exploration and enthusiastic attacking of the bedspread, we thought we’d open up the bedroom door and let her roam around — supervised, of course. Audrey, our almost 6yo tortie, growled and hissed, but Noodle ignored her and just kept exploring. Isabella (who will be 3 in May) hissed once and then vanished into the basement, where she has Secret Hiding Spots. She didn’t come out again until just now, when she finally ventured upstairs to eat. Meanwhile, Noodle is walking around like she owns the place, yelling at me to open doors she doesn’t want closed (all of them), dragging toys from room to room, and generally tearing around the house like a tiny lunatic. She’s adorable and amazing, and we love her already.

Noodle naps

Noodle naps

Good thing, too; we slept with her in the bedroom, door closed to prevent any cat fights (so far Audrey hasn’t even taken a swipe — she’s just growly). I use “slept” lightly there. Noodle enjoys snuggling and is not shy about demanding it. I spent half the night with a tiny cat sucking on my face and kneading my throat. Every time I removed her she would spring right back, undeterred. She also put in a lot of time playing with Zack’s beard, chasing feet under the covers and pouncing, and running all over us. In between these bursts she would snuggle down in my arms and purr herself (loudly) to sleep. I was, to be honest, amazed she slept at all. I thought the two hour nap in the evening guaranteed we’d be up all night. Presently she’s snuggled up with one of my feet, purring away in her half-sleep. I think soon it will be time to hunt the toilet paper roll again.

We made a little video of her yesterday; this was taken all of five minutes after we arrived home. If you have the volume up high enough you can hear her purring. I hope soon I can get a video of her trotting along behind Audrey, who feigns total indifference. In spite of the size difference it’s already a little hard to tell them apart when they run quickly through the room. I foresee a lot of “Otter-Noodle, what are you doing?” in our future.


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