That’s Right: More Needlework

Besides knitting, crochet, sewing, and embroidery, I’ve also recently rediscovered cross stitch. Threeish years ago I realized it would be a great medium for rendering 8-bit video game sprites, and I was all over some Subversive Cross Stitch (still am, really; I find it highly amusing). But I have to admit that my interest in all the fiber arts is sort of similar to the way some people view religion: It’s a connection to those who came before me, repeated rituals, shared knowledge. I joined the SCA to learn card weaving (which is handy, portable, and cheap), and have been known to occasionally lament the historical inauthenticity of my spinning wheel. But that’s really another story for another time.

An online friend of mine has lured me back into the world of making tiny x shapes on fabric. She linked me to Brodyzen, who is running a stitch along for a 2009 sampler. I love stitch (and knit, and sew) alongs, probably because I haven’t really been able to find a crafting group here. Yes, I know, Ann Arbor, but it’s too far to make it every week, practically speaking. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, I can imagine I am hanging out with a bunch of other folks all working on the same project. Yay! So far I’ve caught up through week 5 and have a rather cruddy photo of my work, which is in DMC color 213 stupid tangly cotton floss.

Bonheur, week 4.5

I really like the style of this sampler, but I don’t know which adjectives to use to describe why I like it. So I started it. Then said online friend started linking me to all kinds of sites, like Hand Dyed Fibers and Silkweaver and lots of others, which are sadly bookmarked on the laptop which currently has no power cord (courtesy of Noodle). She even sent me samples of silkies, which is just pure evil. So now I’m sort of frantically searching for more charts I like, because God knows I don’t have enough works-in-progress and just plenty of time for more crafts. Ahem. It should be noted that I am Not a Fan of 90% of the cross stitch charts available. That particular brand of country-cutesy does nothing for me, which is perhaps why I’ve spent more time embroidering, generally, than working counted cross stitch. But I’ve found enough samplers and charts that I suspect I’ll be adding a fair bit of it to my craft rotation. I’d like to work on evenweave linen with silky silk threads, because I think at least that would feel more… um… something.

I’ve got a Noodle on my lap, and she is fascinated by the computer screen and the way it has MOVING THINGS on it, which makes it rather difficult to type. Perhaps she is signaling that I ought to go do some stitching instead.

Later today, if we’re lucky: Menu planning, “we’re broke” edition!


4 thoughts on “That’s Right: More Needlework

  1. I’m rediscovering the yarn/threat/fiber stuff too. How odd.
    I can’t think of any better thing to do with the cross stitch than to turn clothing into renderings of beloved video game friends. But then I’m deeply geeky at heart.

    • Hello! Non, mais je n’ai aucun photos maintenant… Je l’ai recommencé avec des couleurs differents.

      I will try to take some new pictures soon!

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