The Wonderful World of Blackwork

As is usually the case, I have already bookmarked or printed or considered purchasing at least 50 different cross-stitch or blackwork embroidery patterns. Oops. I had several Etsy and custom orders last week, so I bought myself a quarter-yard of linen and lots of silks from Hand-Dyed Fibers and a back issue of The Gift of Stitching so that I could start on the Long Dog 2007 Mystery Sampler, which is very colorful and will probably drive me insane with all the detail and just the sheer number of stitches. But never mind! It will be gorgeous when it’s done, and then I can procrastinate for several years on getting it framed, and then spend another year trying to convince my husband to put a hanger in the wall (it requires a drill, and I… let’s say I’m not skilled with the drill and leave it there). AFTER which time, it shall adorn the house and be utterly lovely.

Blackwork Square

Blackwork Square

Meanwhile, I’ve started a few more projects, one of which is to use several squares from a 15-sided biscornu stitch along and instead stitch them onto a small scrap of linen. I plan to make a needle book out of it, which should prove handy. This is being done on 35ct white linen; that means there are 35 threads in every inch of fabric. The stitches are done “over 2″ which means each stitch covers two threads of warp or weft in the fabric. So each stitch is roughly 1/17” — this thing is tiny. I love it. I want to make 800 of it, but then I wouldn’t have time for other projects.

Of course, it’s also making me go cross-eyed from trying to count threads. The photo, being taken with the macro setting of my camera, is slightly deceptive in that it makes the threads look rather larger than they actually are. They are teeny tiny. I think today I will have to appropriate the husband’s daylight spectrum lamp and someday I will have one of those neck-hanging magnifying glasses and three cats on my lap and my stitching and I will be an Old Lady at 30. Which is fine. I can’t wait to be an Old Lady; I plan to be exceedingly eccentric.


3 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Blackwork

  1. Oh, I love this! I just started a “nano” embroidery project, too – I love teeny tiny! This is perfect, and so clear!

    I love the Long Dog samplers!

    Glad to come across you (via twitter!)


    • It’s getting a bit better now I’m used to counting the threads. I actually way prefer stitching on evenweave linen to Aida weave although the potential for error is so much higher. I might do the Long Dog sampler as 1 over 1 because diagonally crossing 2 over 2 confuses me….

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