Stitching Saturday

Many of you have remarked to me (privately) that I seem depressed and down lately. It’s true. But I’m OK; I’m working on it. Meantime, I’ll try to make more interesting posts so you don’t have to be depressed, too.

Long Dog Mystery Sampler 2007

Long Dog Mystery Sampler 2007

If you follow my Flickr stream at all (see the left sidebar), you’ve probably noticed more than a few photos of embroidery work. Everything I’ve worked on lately has been of the counted thread variety, and I am really quite proud of the Long Dog Mystery Sampler I’ve been making. There are a few places where it’s bumpy and yucky but overall the stitches are neat and even. It’s my first cross-stitch project on evenweave (i.e. not Aida cloth), so that means I have to actually count the threads rather than simply going for the obvious squares as you would with Aida. But it is such a sensual pleasure to work with the soft linen and the silk threads that I’m not sure I will ever be able to return to DMC cottons on Aida. Yes, I’m sure they have their place, but I am a Materials Snob. I’m a Taurus, right, so I enjoy working with nice things. I would rather have one really well-made item than ten so-so things. At any rate, this piece is being worked in Hand-Dyed Fibers silk floss, on 35ct. Cream linen from the same source. If you do the calculations, it turns out that it’s only minimally more expensive to work with silk threads, mostly because Vikki at HDF has a really nice points program for those who participate on the site.

For some reason all the stitching (and possibly some of the watching of the historically inaccurate but still awesome series The Tudors) has renewed my interest in going to SCA meetings. The Barony of Cynnabar is sadly not close enough to home to attend every week, but I’m in Ann Arbor at least once a month anyway — on Mondays, too. So I’ll be attending the arts & sciences meetings from here on out. I am fascinated by the accoutrements of everyday life in the Middle Ages, so it gives me a good excuse to geek out and make or acquire lovely shiny things similar to those that would have been in use. Also to dress up in garb and pretend I live in the 14th century. But I digress; that is another post. I’ll be dragging my husband along, though he is more of a futuristic/sci-fi dude than a historic/fantasy dude. Still, he likes D&D.

I emailed the Chatelaine of Cynnabar to ask about the meetings, and she kindly pointed me to a local fiber arts group made up of SCA folks from around the area. And — get this — next Saturday they’re having a Day of Fiber-y Goodness from 9am to 6pm. So I get to take my spinning wheel, my drop spindle, my knitting, and my stitching, and sit around with a bunch of other nerdy fiber geeks all day! Plus there’s a covered dish dinner, and tea. It’s like my dream SnB and I can’t wait. If you’re near me (in Southeast Michigan) and have any desire to tag along, please let me know and I’ll be happy to provide details. This event isn’t restricted to period crafts, and you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to.

By the way, I seem to have lost the battery charger for my digital camera, which is sort of a disaster and means I cannot supply you with lovely photos until I either find it or cave in, buy a new one, and THEN find it. Alas.


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