Menu Plan Monday, Tuesday Edition

As usual, a day late and several dollars short. Ahem.

This is theoretically week… what, four? of the anti-inflammatory diet, but I admit to eating a ridiculous number of Girl Scout Cookies and maybe some other ridiculous foods last week, so it hardly counts. It’s a new month, though, and most importantly it is no longer February, a.k.a. my Least Favorite of All the Months. Ugh. Just… ugh. So I’ve recommitted, except for the GS Cookies, and everyone knows they are evil and must be eaten in box-quantities. I’m looking at YOU, Tagalongs.

So here’s the week’s menu; I’m only listing dinners as we are in the process of sorting nice lunches for DH so he doesn’t have to be quite as limited as I am. So lunch this week is leftovers for me, and probably sandwiches for DH.

  • Tuesday – Mushroom and peas korma, rice
  • Wednesday – Diet breakers, but I’m not wasting all the food in my freezer! Cumin and chile-spiced pork (recipe coming this week), beans, and corn tortillas. Guacamole on the side.
  • Thursday – Fish and scallops masala, rice, and carrots
  • Friday – Baked fish with a dijon-parsley oatmeal (hi Top Chef*) crust, haluski
  • Saturday – Sauteed fish with a puttanesca-style sauce (have to use up a whole bunch of fish ’cause it’s all frozen together), greens with garlic and olive oil, maybe just a tiiiiiny bit of polenta
  • Sunday – Chicken “bibimbap”, kimchi, fern brakes
  • Monday – Free day! (We’ll be in Ann Arbor much of the day so we’ll probably pick up something frozen at Trader Joe’s to cook and eat.)

* Speaking of Top Chef, I cannot believe who this season’s winner turned out to be. Cannot believe it. Seriously? I roll my eyes at you, Top Chef.


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