At some point last year, I decided I really, really wanted to make cold process soap. Because I have to make everything complicated, melt and pour would of course not suffice. I told myself that with my Christmas money and/or tax refund, I would buy a whole set of materials for making soap. Well, I never did quite get around to buying the stuff, because really, $100+ is a lot to sink into something you’re not at all sure you’ll like. Not that this has ever stopped me before, so it is as much a mystery to me as it may be to you.

I’d been getting sort of increasingly annoyed with myself for not just finalizing what I wanted and making an order. I had big plans for blending scents and making lovely soaps. I was sure nobody else was making what I wanted to make, in spite of the approximately one gazillion soapmakers on the interwebz. And then a kind soul volunteered to send me samples of Villainess soaps. I was expecting maybe five or six, but one day I got a box of fourteen different soaps, several lotions, and four perfume samples. Also candy, and tea. Because I am a nerd, I thought it was kind of awesome that the person who sent it lives near where we stayed on Maui when we got married. I said I was a nerd, OK?

So of course I promptly took a shower and used one of the soaps, Bathory, whose description is thus:

The cloying sweetness of a covetous lust for misspent youth, offset by a geriatric touch of rose and carnation, and underscored by a malevolent insinuation of sandalwood.

Mostly, to me, it smells like berries but just a little bit more grounded than your usual OMGCANDY from Bath & Body Works. Besides which, the scent description is priceless. Since then, I’ve tried Asphyxiate (love), Miss Edith (sadly, the rose note is the one that doesn’t work on me at all), Killer Beez (love), and Crushed (love). When my tax return arrives, I shall be ordering at least several full-size bars.

It’s not just that the scents are nice, either, although that is a Big Deal if you are a scent fiend as I have recently become (hello, BPAL — another post for another time). The bars have different textures and effects. For example, I found Bathory to be just sort of your usual soap. Killer Beez is really creamy and feels moisturizing; I’ve been using it as hand soap and haven’t needed to lotionize my hands nearly as much as usual. Crushed has lots of exfoliating bits, and I may try to get my husband to use it rather than Lava to clean off the work-grime.

Anyway. These soaps make me happy, and my bathroom feels cheerier just having decadent soaps around. I am doing my darndest to make my formerly scungy tub area feel a bit more like a spa experience, because chances are not high that I will have an actual spa experience anytime soon. The Villainess soaps go a long, long way toward that goal.

In fact, I feel the need to take another shower even now. Which soap to use… hmmm.


2 thoughts on “Soaperiffic

  1. To make soap all you need is a big pot from the thrift store and a digital scale that tare. Lye you get at home depot. You can use spices for scents. Way cheaper than $100. You’ll love it.

  2. Well, the thrift store here sucks (no, seriously); I have a tare scale, but it’s more the oils and making NICE soaps, not just any soap. I’ve found something I’m enamored with for now, so I’ll just support a small indie business until I decide I want to make my own again 😉

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