Stitching Projects to Start the Week

Naturally part of the fun of any hobby is looking at all the myriad projects you could do, if only you had infinite time and budget. Since I have neither, I end up being fairly picky about the projects I start, although I will admit to a horrible case of startitis (wherein I see something, go “oooooooo,” and start working on it regardless of whether or not I have time and appropriate materials). At present I’m working on a few biscornus (or, you may call them pincushions, only schmancy); the Long Dog Samplers Paws and Claws piece; another Long Dog, the mystery sampler from 2007; and the Bonheur 2009 stitch along. Please note I have not included any of my knitting, crochet, or drawing and printing works-in-progress, because I would be ashamed. Or ought to be, anyway.

Essentially this means that I do. not. need. another stitching project to fall in love with, but I was catching up with Twitter yesterday and Mary at Needle ‘n Thread, who is an evil enabler, had posted many links to many lovely sites as usual. One pointed to Piecework magazine, and naturally I had a look around and found at least three things that I very much want to make. Maybe you will, too.

First is a biscornu done in punto antico, an Italian drawn-thread technique. (The link goes directly to a PDF.) I have sort of a thing for drawn-thread embroidery. I’ve never done any — at least, not yet — but I have always loved the way it looks. I keep thinking that my pillowcases need some embellishment but it’s probably best to start with something small. I have lots of lovely silk floss that isn’t spoken for (from an HDF “detritus bag”), and I’m sure I could find some scrap of linen I don’t need for anything else. I really like the white on blue shown in the photo.

Second, another small project, a bookmark in Aztec Stitch — another drawn-thread embroidery technique. I’m not wholly in love with the colors, but of course I don’t have to use them if I don’t want to, so there. The article’s got quite thorough instructions, too. I have a bad feeling that if I make it, the cats will steal it, and not only will I lose my page but also hours of work. Still, it’s too pretty not to.

And finally, a somewhat larger project, a pocketbook in Irish Stitch (which is apparently the same as Bargello). The finishing instructions provided are amazing, and I can just see all the possibilities for different exterior stitching. There are rather a lot. I love small purses and pockets, so I need one of these posthaste. I suspect it will take me quite a while to do up properly, but how lovely is that? I just like nice things, and that’s a very nice thing.

Have a look through the rest of the Piecework site, and stumble over to Interweave Knits or Crochet, or maybe Spin-Off. Then curse me for adding stuff to your “want to make” list.


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