Tea for Two

…and two for tea, etc. I love tea. I don’t drink as much of it as I mean to, largely due to lack of an electric kettle and a teapot. I have so far scorched and ruined two saucepans by putting water on to boil and forgetting about it, plus the kitchen and my office slash workspace are “far apart.” Look, navigating stairs when you’re terrified of breaking your foot again and there are three cats playing Catch the Foot on the Stairs, it seems far. OK?

photo courtesy of Jeezny

photo courtesy of Jeezny

So our tax refund is supposed to be deposited tomorrow, and I have nefarious plans to use some of it for tea. I’m planning to order from Adagio Teas, so I can get their IngenuiTea set (chortle chortle at the name). It is actually rather an ingenious tea-brewing device for single cups, and seems like it will be both more convenient and easier to clean than brewing loose tea in a pot or using a mesh ball. I hate cleaning mesh screens. Hate. And everyone knows loose tea is better, right? They’ve got starter sets for $19, including four sample-sized tins of teas. Not bad, I don’t think. Of course, I need rather more than four tiny tins, so I’ll be adding some other flavors to my order. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it turns out. I’ve been meaning to place this order for, oh, something on the order of four years now. It will be nice to finally hit submit on the shopping cart.

I’m also organizing a tea swap for a message board I frequent (hello, Members of the Order of Wooden Spoons). I decided that it would be easiest simply to have everyone mail their teas to me; with eight participants, each person will be getting 24 different teas to try. Well, if you count their own. Otherwise, it’s 21. Many folks are sending loose leaf teas, and I’ve had at least one of them ask if they can just send it to me and have me split it. I said sure, because I’m stocked on tiny baggies and have a gram scale. Then I realized this makes me sound like a drug dealer. The baggies are for perfume decanting (for which, see my LiveJournal) and the scale is for baking. Seriously. But dividing dried plant matter amongst smaller bags is probably going to at least make me laugh.

I hope that by the time the teas begin to arrive, I’ll have the replacement camera battery charger I ordered on eBay so I can show photos of the haul. I think part of my lack of posting has been that I haven’t taken photos of much of what I’ve been doing, on top of being sick. The battery’s almost out of juice, and of course it’s a proprietary sort.

Tea, anyone? What’s your favorite kind?


5 thoughts on “Tea for Two

  1. I mostly lamented my lack of participation in the tea swap, then I reminded myself that I’m busy, then I said that I hope you have fun.

  2. So, does that thing heat the water as well, or do you pour hot water into it? I’m confused.

    I am trying to learn to like tea so I will drink less coffee. Slow going so far. I am going to make a cup now, though. You’re inspirational!

    • It doesn’t heat the water per se, but it is microwave-safe so you can put water in, nuke it, and then add your tea. I know this is like Heresy in the Land of Tea-Brewing but sometimes convenience wins out, you know? So far I’ve used it about six or seven times, and it’s pretty awesome. Very tidy, very convenient.

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