Hold The Phone

I’ve wanted one of those handy looking cell phone caddies for a while — you know, the ones Pottery Barn sells for like, I don’t know, $100? Of course, at the present time I don’t actually have a cell phone, but if I did, I would make this phone charging station, a project from Zakka Life. I’m sort of racking my brain to think if I have any electronics for which this would be suitable. So far, the best I can come up with is the Nintendo DS (and we have an old-school DS, so it’s kind of huge). I’ll probably give it a shot.

This is the kind of project I love to see — taking something that would have become trash and refashioning it instead into something that’s actually kinda neat. I mean, once you’ve got the basic functionality down, you could sand it up to even the edges, maybe embellish with Sharpie drawings or a little decoupage. Of course, the amazing potential of nearly any object is the reason my house is full of things that, you know, “might be good for some project.” Like the giant stack of takeout drink holders. But really, those make nice plant covers for hardening off. The question is whether I need the 25+ that I’ve accumulated. I hear you can line them with fabric and make nice jewelry trays, or something. I think I’ll make that my extra project for the week: Figure out something cool to do with the drink trays. Hold me to it, OK?


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