Stitching: Papillon’s 2009 SAL

I missed out, of course, on the 2008 stitch along from Papillon Creations, since I was not doing any counted thread embroidery. Fortunately, I caught on before it came down and have downloaded the gorgeous project to work on some other time. I also signed up for the designer’s newsletter, and this week we all got notice that the 2009 stitch along is about to begin — and it’s a big one. It will actually be a two year project, 311 stitches square, with 21 colors. There will be a nominal participation fee, and two versions of the project: One with specialty stitches, and one that is solely cross-stitch and suitable for Aida cloth.

Based on what I have seen of the designs from Papillon Creations, and my sort of endless desire to participate in stitch alongs (it makes me feel like I’m at a SnB, only, you know, at home!), I plan to sign up. I’ve converted the listed DMC colors to HDF colors (see below) so that I can stitch with silks; I admit that I am now spoiled. DMC cottons are so… tangly (and speaking of tangly, watch this space for some fun with kittens and yarn tomorrow). There are only 10 set colors, and 11 are up to your choice. The preparatory PDF is up, complete with printable floss cards with symbol and color number and name listed. Handy, right?

Go over to Papillon’s Newsletter Corner and sign up if you’re interested. If you do participate, I would love to hear about it. I like having stitching buddies.

Here are the conversions from DMC colors to HDF colors (and may I point out that, if you take advantage of detritus bags and forum participation, HDF silks are almost as cheap as icky DMC cottons):

807 / 2423 Nile Blue
3765 / 2425 Nile Blue
3766 / 2421 Nile Blue
610 / 4107 Bird Feathers (Kookaburra)
3046 / 4113 Oil of Amber (Dragon Oil)
3045 / 4111 Oil of Amber
310 / 5300 Basic Black
3072 / 5301 NightSmoke (Wisp)
white / 5201 White
317 / 5329
Nisse Grey

Vikki, dyemistress at HDF, suggested ordering a detritus bag and requesting it in “floral colors” — I may do that since, at $8 for 25 skeins of floss, it’s pretty hard to beat. I do think I’ll wait to see what the first part of the design looks like, so I can decide if I want to work it on the Bunny Brown linen or a different ground fabric.

Paws and Claws start

Paws and Claws start

Meanwhile, I’ve got Long Dog’s Paws and Claws sampler in progress. I’m stitching it one over one (that means one strand of floss over one thread of warp or weft), in HDF silks on a Charles Craft cotton ground I got on the cheap at JoAnn. It’s fairly slow going, especially since I did the part depicted here all in hand, but today I got my Q-Snaps and really, all I can think to say is wow. Tensioning the fabric is much easier and it doesn’t leave nasty creases like a hoop. Not to mention that working in a square area is preferable to working in a round one, since I don’t run into the frame as often. I got mine for $13 at the local needlework store. Two thumbs up. Of course, I miscounted some stitches and have to frog out half of what I got done this evening, but that’s OK.

Tomorrow I shall detail my new Namaste knitting bag, because I know you are jealous — I am almost jealous of myself, here — and tell you the story of how Noodle the Kitten tried to ruin my skein of Casbah cashmere hand painted sock yarn.


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