Cats + Yarn = Bad

Yarn, with culprit in background

Yarn, with culprit in background

Normally Audrey assists with my knitting by staring at the yarn from a respectful distance. For some reason I didn’t think about the fact that Noodle would be likely to want a more involved level of involvement, and so my precious and beautiful Casbah sock yarn from Handmaiden is a tangled ball of snaggly snags. Next time I shall wind yarn while Noodle naps. I’ve now spent upwards of six hours unraveling the mess made by one small kitten who got part of the skein in her mouth and ran; my husband’s put in a few hours, too, bless him. I’ve got enough picked back out to at least start my socks tomorrow, and this pleases me. At least it’s a very soft and luxurious yarn to have to untangle. I am trying to view this as an opportunity to spend more time with it; though, really, I’d rather spend the time with it on my feet in the form of socks. Alas.


3 thoughts on “Cats + Yarn = Bad

  1. It’s a good thing cats are cute and cuddly. And a good thing that mine doesn’t mess with my yarn. šŸ™‚

    Still it’s pretty yarn. Your cat has good taste.

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