Saturday Extravaganza

First I have to apologize for the rather ridiculous delay in updating. As most of you probably know, I struggle with depression from time to time, and I was really in quite a funk and convinced nobody could possibly be interested in hearing from me. I am told otherwise, and feeling better after some adjustments in medications, so moi voila! I’m back.

Lots of Soap

Lots of Soap

Due to the aforementioned case of the Serious Blahs, I haven’t really gotten a lot done; at least, it seems that way. I have actually sorted and mailed out all the tea for the Trolls’ Tea Swap, Round One, which must count for something. I’ve also got another round of the tea swap running, as well as a few group orders from Villainess, BPAL, and Threadless. So really I’ve spent a lot of time getting excellent packages full of stuff, sorting it into different excellent packages, and mailing it back out. Yesterday I got a whole lot of Villainess and I was so excited about it I got it cut and sorted within a couple of hours. Also, I get to send it in Priority Mail boxes, which is awesome because (a) they’re free; and (b) for some reason, I get very excited about Priority Mail boxes. Not really sure what that’s about.

I have been seriously remiss in my gardening progress this year. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I never did replant the seedlings that Isabella ate. I’m going to start some things this weekend, though it’s quite late to be doing so, and they may not be big enough when it’s time to transplant. We’ll see. I did, at least, do a modicum of work outdoors, so the rose bed and square foot garden are not glaring beacons of gardening shame. My big plans to expand the kitchen garden this year are not going to work out, as somehow the money failed to materialize properly. Alas.

I have also let you down on the Know Your Seasonings stuff. But I promise a new post this week, detailing the delicious “salad” (so called because it really can hardly be termed salad) we’ve been eating several nights a week. Spring is on its way in, aside from, you know, the snow, and I’ve got that must-eat-lettuce feeling. Mmm. Hmm.

We’re going shopping this evening, and we hardly need to get anything at all; we’ve done an excellent job stocking up. But I need to cut coupons for the stuff we are buying, and so I will now cease rambling and start doing something slightly more useful.

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