Menu Plan Monday

It’s that time again! I really ought to do this every week, not just biweekly, and not solely for blogging reasons either. We did fairly well this week, though, eating mostly leftovers in the form of Delicious Not-Salad. As you can tell, the once a month cooking thing hasn’t worked out quite exactly as planned. We do use the chest freezer a whole heck of a lot, but I haven’t been filling it with as many finished meals as I thought I would, at first.

Breakfasts are, as usual, smoked salmon on spelt toast with cream cheese, or yogurt, or oatmeal. We also have a bunch of cold cereal around right now, including Fruity Pebbles. I love Fruity Pebbles. Lunch is leftovers or, for Zack, bologna sandwiches. Which I used to love (fried bologna, with tomato), but I think I burned out on them around age six. He likes them a lot though, and I’m not one to deny a man his sausage. Ha ha ha ha.

  • Monday: Meatloaf (from the freezer); mashed potatoes, corn, and salad. We’ll be out and about with appointments all day, so faster is better.
  • Tuesday: Chili-roasted pork shoulder; corn tortillas, rice, and — what’s that? — oh, salad.
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti night! also starring Green Beans and Garlic Toast! Tonight’s salad will feature black olives, as spaghetti night salads are wont to do.
  • Thursday: Pork enchiladas, heavy on the cumin, with sour cream, beans, and maybe avocados. On salad.
  • Friday: Sole filets with lemon, butter, and chervil; rice, carrots, and some kind of greenery with dressing.
  • Saturday: Fish in masala sauce; rice, spinach, and lettuce with raita. Mangoes for dessert! I may try to make mint chutney, or something involving tamarind, and if I can get over the $2 pricetag we’re going to try the Trader Joe’s naan.
  • Sunday: Easter dinner. We are, it seems, going to a buffet rather than making the drive across the state, which bums me out for two reasons. One, I was REALLY looking forward to seeing my relatives-in-law, and two? Yeah, the last time we went to this restaurant’s holiday buffet, my mom died a few days later. So I can’t say I’m chomping at the bit to return, even though I know there wasn’t a causal relationship there. Going to see what I can do to talk folks into the family dinner instead.

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