Sock it to Me

I am quite certain nobody has ever before used this post title when they wanted to blog about socks before. You may now applaud my originality.

As you may recall, I ordered myself some gorgeous yarn (Hand Maiden Casbah in Masala) with which to craft a pair of socks. I have now started and then ripped out three different patterns, and have finally settled on making Absinthe from the Spring issue of Knitty. So far they’re moving right along, and I’ve just started the cables, which leads me to this: Dear Knitty editors, Why in the Hell did you POST THE CHART SIDEWAYS? That’s really annoying, and it’s very, very difficult to read that way. Seriously. I don’t want to have to print the pattern out, so I thought I’d just view it on the iPod, except that when I try to turn it sideways to view the chart properly, it reloads it and so it remains with an orientation of 90 degrees THE WRONG WAY. Please fix. K thanks. Sincerely, Me.

It says in the description that the cable and lace charts are quite easy, and while they do look slightly complex they really aren’t. The pattern author isn’t trying to deceive you, and if you have any experience with cables, you probably won’t have much trouble. I actually have mostly stopped referring to the chart at all, since it is fairly clear which cables are meant to do what. If only I could braid my hair as well as I could sort out cable knitting, the world would be made of peaches and cream for me.

It’s been a while since I knit myself a pair of socks, and I’m having so much fun I remember why I stopped, which is because it’s addictive and also an expensive and time-consuming hobby. Oops. But I now know that at least three of my friends covet handmade socks, and I want to make them happy, so I may just have to take up the needles again. Ha ha heroin joke, get it? Anyway, if you are also a sock-knitter or would like to be one, I’ve added an image link to the Loopy Ewe over to the left there (imagine me pointing you to the sidebar). I ordered my yarn and lovely knitting bag from them, and they ship super fast, provide cool freebies, and have a LOT of sock yarn. In the interests of full disclosure, if you click the link, register, and purchase something I do get a $5 credit, but I hope that’s incentive for you to buy some yarn and not the other way round. I wouldn’t say I loved them if I didn’t, particularly because I am in a very bad mood today and more likely than usual to be critical.

So, I’ve been promising myself new sock yarn as a reward once I lose 10 pounds, and I’ve lost five, so it’s almost time to make a selection. A very, very kind friend sent me some sockin’ yarn as a random gift, and it’s practically a solid color (heathered, but in the world of sock yarn this is tame) and is going to make me a gorgeous pair of lacy knee socks. So I almost talked myself out of more yarn, but that wouldn’t be fair to me, now, would it?

I shall now return to the sock-knitting extravaganza, which requires me to fight off small cats but is nonetheless stress-relieving. A few random thoughts, to carry you through the remainder of the day:

  • The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab lunacy scent for May should be amazing; Beth incorporated the smell of tomato leaves, which is a smell I adore. I am lucky I managed to order only one bottle. I hope I love it as much as I think I will.
  • In other sniffy scent news, I shipped out all my decants and Villainess and t-shirts and other co-op type orders this week and now am not obligated to mail anything else until probably Monday at least, except for personal correspondence. Woo!
  • Keep an eye on the site this weekend as I plan to post the recipe for not-salad, since it works very well if you have leftover ham that needs to get gone. Sadly, we will not, since we’re going to the buffet and all. I am more disappointed than I can say that we aren’t going to see my in-laws (well, extended in-laws), because they sort of have the family traditions I’ve always wished for. Hi in-laws who read this. Take lots of pictures please?

2 thoughts on “Sock it to Me

  1. I’m so sad you’re not coming this weekend 😦
    We’ll have to figure out some sort of summer gathering, otherwise there’s no get-togethers until Thanksgiving!

  2. I was thinking of using either my birthday, or like… Halfway to Christmas, in June, or maybe July 4. I’m really bummed too 😦 Ugh. Well, I guess at least we’ll have shrimp cocktail here if nothing else.

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