Shiny Happy Saturday

Well, not really. It is shiny, though. Also definitely Saturday (said knowledge confirmed by the fine author Mr. Neil Gaiman, who used isitSaturday to be certain). Happy? We shall see; so far so good, although there are certain aspects of certain family relationships that could be better. I’m looking at you, Dad.

I had quite an exhausting evening yesterday, and managed to get not much at all done. I’m pretty sure I didn’t knit a single row after my blog post. But I’m actually feeling quite fine this afternoon, and have got my list of stuff to do this weekend, which is actually progressing well. I painted my nails robin’s egg blue (For Audrey) and took a shower with my Villainess Antihero soap (as I was feeling anti-heroic), then put on a bunch of different BPAL scents I still need to try, and my new Threadless shirt. I feel certain that if I could make myself some spiffy BPAL-spiked shampoo that my life would improve even more.

This weekend’s plans involve a modicum of shopping — there aren’t many deals, so we may even just skip it altogether as we are set for groceries and toiletries and everything else except cat food. Also, video games, reading, and general relaxing; knitting, embroidery, and pattern creation; maybe some sketching; definitely some gardening. Additional: Shrimp cocktail, lots of it.

Blog posts coming soon to this blog, possibly near you; here to entice and to remind me so I don’t forget:

  • Beginner’s BPAL — I’ve managed to enable a fair few folks, and there are a lot of questions about how to order, what to order, and how to test scents, so I might as well share my whole four months’ worth of obsessive spreadsheet knowledge with you, right?
  • Drafting Knitting Patterns: Mitts — fairly self-explanatory; I’ve got to design 2 pairs for a custom order so I plan to scan my sketches and try to explain the process for anyone who’s interested.
  • Housefrau — wherein I attempt to make a nifty apron and one of those cool embellished pairs of dishwashing gloves, but this will require fabric which requires funds, and so will probably not happen until after my tattoo.
  • Trader Joe’s and Your Midsection — Weight Watchers and other diet-friendly foods at the fabulous store-brand store of marvelousness. Ask and you shall receive, readers!

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