Menu Plan Monday

As I sit here writing this post, I’m eating delicious !Salad, and watching Nature. Well, originally it was Nova, but I more just stared at the TV and  failed to write at that point. I’m fending off one 6.5-month-old cat who is convinced she wants to eat a pile of lettuce and simultaneously knock everything off of my table. And thinking, what on earth are we going to eat? I think it’s gonna be a boring week up in here. What happened to the part where I was an awesome and interesting cook?

  • Monday: Cheese ravioli (frozen!), tomato sauce (from a jar!), garlic toast, and salad.
  • Tuesday: Chimichangas with beef and beans, Spanish rice, salad, and mangoes.
  • Wednesday: !Salad and maybe Crazy Bread in honor of Lost night; I know, it’s gross, but I love me some Crazy Bread. Maybe I should figure out a way to make it at home and feel less bad. Or worse, depending on what goes into it.
  • Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner! Dutch baby pancake with blackberries. Also, sausage. Mmmm.
  • Friday: Deviled eggs, mushroom sandwiches, and berries with whipped cream — hopefully to be eaten out in the yard, if we don’t end up with snow again.
  • Saturday: Ham and sweet potato hash, which I guess could sort of be viewed as breakfast for dinner again.
  • Sunday: Tater Tot Casserole, because I hear it’s good, and we have some Cream of Doom soup.

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