Tea and Perfume

Is that like wine and roses but not? I wonder.

I have been drinking tea like it’s going out of style lately, which is much better than doing the same with Diet Pepsi, say I. I’ve tried lots from various places, and so far I love Zhena’s Gypsy Teas, Teavana, and Adagio the most. Adagio is offering $5 gift certificates, which I can pass along to you; if you use one, I get 10 points in my account, and if ten of you use one, I get a gift certificate for meeee! Fund my plant-based addiction, if you would be so kind? (It’s actually a great deal regardless; I mean, $5 is $5.) They’re the ones who have the ingenuiTEA brewer with which I am so in love.

Here’s the gift certificate code: 9567207228.

Also, you may know of my slight obsession with independently made perfumes, and BPAL is among my favorite labels, as it were. I’m running a decant circle, which is a chance to try lots of limited editions for less than forking over $17.50 a bottle on your own — I get the bottles, I split them using clean transfer pipets, you get a neat labeled glass vial of perfume. I need folks to fill spots for me on the Velvet Paintings series decants, so have a look, eh?


3 thoughts on “Tea and Perfume

  1. Oh tea….you’ve found my secret weakness! Thanks to your gift certificate I was able to order quite a few tea samples. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

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