Yarn-stravaganza, Part One

I finally got around to taking photos of a bunch of my most recently acquired yarn. I’ve actually accumulated quite a lot in the past month or so; some of it has been in trade for custom items, some of it is for the custom items, some has been gifted, and I may have bought a little. I still don’t have pictures of most of my KnitPicks stuff, and therefore do not have it entered on my Ravelry account (which I’m trying to use more, because I really do love it and not just as a pattern search engine). It’s not that I don’t like it; more that it’s my utilitarian, workaday yarn and so not nearly as exciting as cashmere and silk. Maybe someday I’ll get off my lazy behind and put it in the lightbox for its own photo op.

Meanwhile, will you settle for a tour of the new yarn? I can’t sleep, and I don’t want to hunt down all my knitting needles to finish entering those in to Ravelry, so this seemed like a good alternative. And counting wool, like counting sheep, has apparently made me sleepy — so count this as part one, with more to come tomorrow or Monday!

Handmaiden Casbah in Amethyst

Handmaiden Casbah in Amethyst

Handmaiden Casbah in Amethyst, the partner in crime to my Casbah in Masala (which you may remember from an incident with a certain Noodle). This was a total and absolute surprise; I opened my mailbox one day and there was a mysterious squishy package. It turned out to be this lovely skein of yarn. I really didn’t think I’d have another skein of Casbah to work with for… well, until Christmas, really. I have grand plans for this yarn, such as another pair of socks. After I finish the first pair. Which, you know, is going slowly, but mostly because my right wrist has been bothering me. That’s the one with the tendinitis, so I try to listen when it says “HEY CUT IT OUT!” Maybe I should have picked a pattern with less cabling — I still can’t bring myself to do the cable-needle-free cables, because it gives me conniptions, so while I make nice cables, I make them slowly. I’m leaning towards either Goneril or Reagan. Probably Reagan.

Araucania Atacama #525

Araucania Atacama #525

Araucania Atacama #525, which I feel ought to have a more exciting color name, is 100% alpaca that’s kettle dyed. I found a stupendous sale on it at Little Knits so I sorta stocked up; I have 10 skeins of this. Some are going to make me another Clapotis, because I love mine more than words can say. I’m hoping enough will be left over to make cute lined mitts for winter (for my ArtFire shop, since I sadly cannot keep everything I make for ME ME ME) and/or Christmas gifts. If you are related to me pretend you didn’t read that last part. It’s soft like butter and I think this is probably my favorite of the yarn photos I took. It looks like a mutedly psychedelic snail, don’t you agree?

Araucania Atacama #510

Araucania Atacama #510

Araucania Atacama #510, similarly purchased at an excellent sale price from Little Knits. I have super seekrit nefarious plans for this, some of which may involve some of my faithful readers, so I’m not going to say much. Move along; nothing to see here; etc. I guess I could mention that I got full bags of 10 skeins of this and the other Atacama for slightly under twenty bucks each, which is a steal for such nice fuzzy soft yarn in such gorgeous colors.

I did have a bit of an issue with dye coming off of this particular batch onto my hand, but I was especially sweaty and holding it for quite a while. Still, I don’t think I’ll make doll clothes from it, and if I’m not being extra-lazy I think I’ll give it a nice rinse before I actually knit with it.


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