On the Occasion of my 30th Birthday

I could talk a bunch about me, but instead, even though it is a week before Mother’s Day, I thought I would post in remembrance of my mom. She used to call me every year (and, before I moved out, she would just talk to me) at various times leading up to 1:37am and tell me “20 years ago today I was going to the hospital now,” or “25 years ago I was in labor with you.” I really, really miss that now that she is gone; more than I can say really.

So, 30 years ago today, Mom, you were looking beautiful and so happy in this picture, also starring me. I love you. Thank you for being a wonderful mom.

I love you Mum

I love you Mum


One thought on “On the Occasion of my 30th Birthday

  1. Dear Binkin’s Mama,

    You are so incredibly missed and loved by your daughter, but I’m sure you already knew that.

    Thank you so much for giving birth to your beautiful girl 30 years ago. She has become one of my very best friends. You raised her to be an honest, hilarious, witty, wonderful person, and I’m happy to know her.

    Thank you,

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