Menu Plan Monday: This Time, with a Vacation Interlude

Another week, another menu. This week’s a little different; I’ve got friends coming into town on Thursday night, and we’ll be road tripping together to Mackinac Island. Woo hoo! So I’m leaving the husband at home with frozen pizza and Hot Pockets and taking myself off to the Land of Fudge.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Ann Arbor anyway, so most likely we’ll nab lunch up there since it’s a rare treat to have options that aren’t hamburgers, hamburgers, or hamburgers. Also, Ann Arbor is where the Trader Joe’s lives, and I’ll be stopping there. I asked some friends for new ideas of things to pick up, since I’ve gotten into a sort of TJ’s rut, and they had lots of good suggestions. I think I said a while ago I’d do a post on Trader Joe’s, especially with respect to Weight Watchers, so depending on how much we buy tomorrow, look for that later in the week. With photos! Wow! I’ve been doing fairly well on Weight Watchers for the past two weeks; I can also feel the shift that helped me to lose weight last time on WW, which is sort of internalizing point values. Even when I forget to track a meal, I’m less likely to overeat or snack all day long because the points are at the back of my mind. I swear they must hire hypnotists to help with their program or something, because this never works for me with just straight calorie counting.


  • Breakfast: Toast and marmalade!, milk tea, and fruit.

  • Lunch: Chipotle or Thai (we’ll be in Ann Arbor for appointments).

  • Dinner: Chili pork tacos, rice, beans, and salad.

  • Snacks: Lemon-Tabasco almonds; hummus with pita chips. Note: WW is pretty much out the window today, between the Chipotle and the snacks and the this that and the other.


  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with honey and fruit; milk.

  • Lunch: Club sandwich on spelt toast; potato chips; carrots and celery.

  • Dinner: That chili pork? Reappearance, this time as enchiladas! With salad, and guacamole if the avocados I’m buying tomorrow ripen, which is probably unlikely.

  • Snacks: More almonds; celery with peanut or almond butter and raisins.


  • Breakfast: Smoked salmon, bagel with cream cheese, and fruit.

  • Lunch: Gyoza with dipping sauce; steamed vegetables; maybe some rice.

  • Dinner: Salmon and potato chowder; bread; lots and lots of salad. I’m hoping the garden lettuce gets bigger this week; it’s going to start bolting soon, and it really hasn’t produced much.

  • Snacks: Guess what? Almonds! Hummus, pita, and celery, too.


  • Breakfast: Leftover salmon chowder; fruit.

  • Lunch: Egg salad on spelt toast; pickles, chips, and carrots.

  • Dinner: I’m not sure yet ā€“ we may be eating with my friends, depending on when they arrive, which requires going out since, like, there isn’t enough seating and Noodle tries to jump on your dinner plate, which could be annoying for guests. Chinese buffet, perhaps?

  • Snacks: Almonds encore; celery with hummus and peanut butter (on separate sticks, eh?)


  • Breakfast: Croissants with Nutella or jam; fruit; coffee or tea.

  • Lunch: On the road again…

  • Dinner: Something Christmasy in Frankenmuth!

  • Snacks: I’m planning to take almonds, rice snacks, cheese, peanut or almond butter, and sesame crackers along on the trip, in the hopes of spending less money on food. Also any leftover croissants.

And then I won’t be home again until Sunday night, at which point it’s time for a new menu! Good deals, this week ā€“ Meijer in Southeast Michigan is featuring the 11 for $10 sale which, used wisely, can net you some very nice bargains.


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