Kitty Kangaroo

By now, everyone probably knows about baby slings, and how people carry cute small humans around in little pieces of fabric, right?  It’s hands-free, it’s convenient, and it keeps the small human in contact with a large human. Well, I have two cats who very much like to snuggle, one of whom — Noodle — is um, rather insistent about it. Usually when I’m trying to work at the computer, she claws her way up onto my leg and then up towards the shoulder, where she tries to cling and sleep, gradually sliding down. This is inconvenient at best and slightly painful at worst, so for months I’ve been saying I’m just going to put her in a baby sling and carry her around. I said it before about Audrey, too, but she’s not nearly as annoying, being happy to sleep on my foot so long as I don’t move said foot.

So anyway, last night Noodle was doing her usual claw-sleep-slide, so I grabbed a sheet I got at the thrift store to cut up for fabric and tied it like a sling and stuck her in it. She slept in there for almost an hour and a half. Today I waited until kitty naptime and tossed her in the sling again, where she has now been sitting for about half an hour already, snoring and purring. I could die of (a) hilarity and (b) teh cute. I had Zack take some pictures; unfortunately these were all taken prior to my tightening the sling up so that she’s located more on my chest and less on my hip. Still, I think this is the best idea evar. Baby sling makers, take note. Catwearing: It’s the new hotness. (I posted about it in guild chat on WoW last night and I know at least one other person has already tried and loved it.)

Please excuse my dishelved appearance

Please excuse my dishelved appearance




3 thoughts on “Kitty Kangaroo

  1. Woo! I’ve been wanting to do this for our cat named Mojo! He is also all black, with green eyes. And would attach himself for eternity if he could.

    When I’n feeling better, and home from hospital .. Im gonna get us one of those =)

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