Movin’ on Up

Well. Actually it’s more like “movin’ on backwards,” but the house is nicer. Zack and I are moving in with his parents temporarily, due to financial constraints. Have I mentioned that I hate financial constraints? At first I was like ZOMG NOOOOOO and running around in a general panic. I moved out at 17 and have worked and supported myself and managed never, ever to have to move back in with my parents, so it was like getting hit with a sledgehammer of humble pie or something. Now the decision’s made, and I’m actually looking forward to it; I’ll get to know my mother-in-law better, and we actually share a lot of interests, so we can hang out — plus, you know, being able to dig ourselves out of this money-pit.

Anyway, one of the features of the “new (to us) place” is a newly remodeled kitchen. With an island! And counter space! And TWO OVENS. So I think I’ll be doing a lot of baking, and these Tagalong taste-alikes and their Samoas counterparts are at the tippy tip-top of my list. Right now our kitchen is too disordered from packing to even contemplate this, so the prospect of delicious cookies is serving as a real motivator for the packing and moving process.

Sorry I haven’t done menu plan Monday in a while; holidays and vacations have butted in, but I should be back this Sunday with next week’s plan. We’ve got a trip to Ann Arbor, so I expect to pick up lots of Asian ingredients and make it Korean/Japanese/Chinese month here in our last month chez nous. We’ll still be eating separately from the in-laws most days at the new place, but the menu plans may have to change a little to accomodate a few shared meals, which I think will be interesting both to plan and to read about. I hope.

Happy Thursday (and happy birthday to my sister Betse, who is now 28 — eek)!


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