Menu Plan Monday: Use It Up, Move It Out Edition

First a request: Do you have a favorite Korean cookbook (in English or Japanese)? Please let me know what it is!

Actually we’re not TOO worried about using things up; we’re only moving five minutes away, so I’m planning to cook as normal this week! It looks like we’ll start sleeping at the in-laws next weekend, and I have to admit I am chomping at the bit to bake in that kitchen. I’m sure you’ll see lots of pictures of it as I do; I’ve wanted to do more photo-tutorial recipes but our kitchen now is just not inspiring in the photographical sense.

Anyway, as I mentioned I’ve been wanting to get back into cooking more Asian foods and have been reading food blogs and all my Japanese cooking books. I wouldn’t say I’m a master of Japanese cooking or anything, but I feel I have it down pretty well (not sushi! alas!) and I kind of want to branch out into more Korean food. To my surprise, my husband really likes kimchi — surprise, because he doesn’t like cabbage and isn’t a big spicy food lover. And he’s loved the pseudo-bibimbap I’ve made lots of times, so why not?

Tomorrow we’ll be in Ann Arbor, and I get to go to the Asian grocery store and buy a few things, so this week’s menu will hopefully be a bit more interesting for me. Here we go… just dinners, as breakfast and lunch are leftovers and using up odds and ends.

  • Monday: Kimchi Chigae (from Week of Menus) and rice — we’ll be out of town all day, so I need something easy!
  • Tuesday: Okonomiyaki (link is to my old Japanese food blog) with… well, whatever’s around. The one in the picture was made with bacon and corn. Zack’s never had these, so I hope he’ll like them, but since it involves Kewpie mayo I don’t think I can go wrong. Okonomiyaki are Japanese savory pancakes, usually with cabbage and other fillings, topped with a special sauce, mayonnaise, and dried tuna flakes. If you’ve run screaming, come back! They’re really good!
  • Wednesday: Jing Chuan! I get to go out for dinner with my friend Sheryl, whom I haven’t actually seen in person in, like… ten years. I know, right? We’re going to the land of delicious mostly-fake-Chinese food in Toledo, Jing Chuan.
  • Thursday: Kimchi Cold Noodles (from Tasty Meals at Home), probably with shrimp or bacon or… something.
  • Friday: Bibimbap Night, nnf nnf!
  • Saturday: Fried rice, to use up any leftover items… that is, if we’re home. If we’ve just moved all the furniture and everything and are half in one kitchen, half in another, I suspect we might go to Alpha for gyros and call it a night!
  • Sunday: Same as Saturday, only the other option, whichever Saturday turns out not to be.

I feel a need to pick up some soju now….


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday: Use It Up, Move It Out Edition

  1. I’m going to bookmark the kimchi cold noodles… and I love your “Bibimbap Night”! Thanks for sharing and have a great week@!

    Twitter: DEHausfrau

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