Korean Cooking Tutorials

Check out what I found! I was getting frustrated Sunday evening because I was having a really hard time finding Korean food blogs. Sometimes the Googlefu just fails, you know? Well, today I’ve been browsing around, and I found Maangchi, which has not only video recipe tutorials but also a forum. I signed up and I’m looking forward to learning. I just thought I’d share since I seem to be on a Korean kick lately — today I spent a couple of hours working on learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet, too. Hm.

Oh, and since I’m here: We ended up having bibimbap night tonight, because Zack didn’t sound too keen on okonomiyaki. I was kind of bummed, since I was looking forward to it, but there’s always Thursday.

I’ll try to remember to take my camera to Jing Chuan so you all can enjoy food photos…


One thought on “Korean Cooking Tutorials

  1. Hey that’s a neat website! I always wanted to make that kind of stuff but can’t read anything. Okonomiyaki–hit or miss with people who have never had it before! I think you should make it and tell him he can’t have any. Then he’ll probably want some!

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