Menu Plan Monday: New Kitchen Edition

Well, we managed to actually move, sort of! So we’re now living at the in-laws’ place, which I suppose is now our place too. Here’s the kitchen. Ignore the untidiness (from us unpacking): Aren’t you jealous? I kind of am, and I get to use it.

There’s an island, a DISHWASHER, a nice deep sink, two electric ovens… and lots and lots of counter space. The island even has outlets on it. How handy is that? Right now I’ve got gyudon cooking (recipe coming right up in the next post), with rice steaming away in my friend Neuro Fuzzy the Rice Cooker on the island. There’s already a KitchenAid here, plus I have one, so two KAs, two ovens, and a dishwasher? Look out, waist.

I’m really excited to cook here, and the only bad thing about it in my opinion is the electric stovetop. But I’ll learn to live with it, I’m sure. Expect many more photo-tutorial recipes in future, especially for baked goods. Mmm. I’ve said this about 80 times already, but those Tagalong and Samoa-alikes are number one with a bullet; I’m not sure I’ll be able to bake tomorrow, but if I can, that’s what I’m baking.

Anyway, you came here for a menu plan, right, not for my rambling about the new kitchen, of which there will be plenty more to come. Here it is, concocted at about 4am because I couldn’t sleep.

  • Monday: Gyudon (beef bowl with onions and rice — see recipe in the next post) with kimchi instead of pickled ginger, which is a travesty, but I don’t have pickled ginger.
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic toast, and salad. All on the same plate. A friend of mine once said that one image that really says “home cooking” is having the salad on the same plate as all the rest of the food, and she was dead on. I’ve got half a jar of Ragu to use up, so I will only be making the meatballs from scratch.
  • Wednesday: Meatloaf (barbeque meatloaf, which is superior to all others; recipe soon), mashed potatoes, and green beans.
  • Thursday: BLTs! with potato salad and green salad. Maybe avocado, if I can find any.
  • Friday: Okonomiyaki, using bacon, cabbage, corn, and anything else I need to use up. I may make Zack’s with kimchi instead of just plain cabbage.
  • Saturday: Southwestern corn, potato, and chicken chowder, recipe TBD. I’ll let you know how it comes out; I’m trying to recreate something we used to make at the restaurant every week, but I lost the notebook with the recipe.
  • Sunday: Pork braised with kimchi and extra cabbage, roasted potatoes, salad.

Breakfast this week will probably consist of a lot of croissants with peanut butter, and chocolate milk to wash them down, at least for me. Lunch is primarily leftovers, including garlic-beef fried rice tomorrow, and probably kimchi-bacon fried rice on Friday.

For lots more menu plan Mondays, visit OrgJunkie’s blog!


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: New Kitchen Edition

  1. i have the same glass stovetop – at first i hated it, then i got used to it :/ it’s not so bad once you get there 😛

    also, easy as hell to clean 😀

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