Menu Plan Monday: The One Where I Read Cooking Light This Week

I think over half this week’s menu plan came from browsing through the new issue of Cooking Light, as you’ll notice when you take a peek at the recipe links. That’s probably a good thing, though; since we moved I’ve been doing a lot of stress eating and the Weight Watchers hasn’t been going so watchfully. I really do want to be in better shape, so it’s time to hop back on that wagon (and off the wagon of Oh It’s Midnight, Time For Cheese).

I did make chicken marsala, finally, last night; it went over well but sadly my camera battery is now completely dead and I didn’t get many pictures. I’ll post the few I have with my recipe soon.


  • Monday – Cheese fries (of the Ore Ida variety) with bacon and ranch dressing; partly because some friends have been talking about cheese fries, and partly because we’ll be moving more stuff tomorrow and real cooking just isn’t on the agenda. Obviously this is not part of Operation Back on the Wagon.
  • TuesdayVietnamese-Spiced Pork Chops, cucumber-poppyseed salad, rice. I’m really looking forward to Tuesday, both because I’ll have the house to myself in the afternoon again, and because this meal just sounds really good for late summer.
  • Wednesday – Venison picadillo, rice, black beans. Picadillo, at least my version, involves green olives, capers, raisins, and lots of cumin; when I make it, I’ll consider my recipe and try to post a photo step by step.
  • ThursdaySpicy Basque-Style Chicken, lemon-garlic zucchini, bowtie pasta. I’ll also be poaching extra chicken for later meals.
  • FridayChicken Satay Wraps, potato chips. The pictured wraps look just like some I’ve had commercially and liked, so I have high hopes, though I’ll probably use a flavored tortilla or other wrapper. Most store-bought flour tortillas taste like chemicals and nastiness to me.
  • SaturdayPineapple Chicken Salad Pita, plus an evening of snacks and dips and watching movies. I hope.
  • SundaySpicy Sweet and Sour Pork (only chicken, instead), coconut rice.

Now that you’ve had a look at my menu, hop over to The Happy Housewife (this week’s Menu Plan Monday host site) and have a browse through some others!


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