Menu Plan Monday: Virtual Dinner Party Edition

This week I did a little menu planning for my good friend El at Crafty Clutter, so if things go according to plan we’ll be eating the same meals a few nights this week even though we’re in different countries. OK, I’m in Michigan and she’s in Canada, but it sort of counts, right? There are some small differences (I only have chicken, while she also has some pork to work with; she hates mushrooms but I love them) but I think it’s kind of neat. Even though we can’t have dinner together in “real life,” we can eat the same thing and chat online.

There isn’t much on this menu that isn’t already in the pantry, so it’s a frugal week here, too. Mostly because tomorrow we’re heading to the Japanese market, and I plan to get an Orange Page magazine, some Kewpie mayo, and a whole lot of umeboshi and rice. Plus curry roux and other things for future meals. Zack actually likes Japanese home cooking quite a lot, so it’s a big hit here.

If a menu item has a * in front of it, that means I’ll be trying to post the recipe this week, with a photo tutorial! I didn’t get one for the picadillo, because, though it was good, I think I need to tweak it just a tiny bit and then it will be ready for the light of day.

  • MONDAY – Nachos with shredded chicken, cheese, jalapenos, sour cream.
  • TUESDAY – *Slow-cooker chicken cacciatore, pasta, salad.
  • WEDNESDAY – *Sauteed mustard chicken with a pan sauce, rice, frozen veggies.
  • THURSDAY – *Mee Goreng… sort of. With chicken. If you aren’t familiar, this is a really tasty stir-fried Malaysian noodle dish. It involves kecap manis. Mmmm. Thursday is also the first pre-season game for the Steelers, so we’ll be snacking while watching, I think.
  • FRIDAY – Fish and haluski; most likely I will pick up some frozen white fish of some sort at Trader Joe’s tomorrow and bake it for this meal.
  • SATURDAY – Chicken pot pies from Schwan’s, which I will have cleverly obtained by signing up for their free food promotion. New customers are eligible for a free food item up to $10. Worth checking out! I’ve never eaten their food so I can’t say if it’s good or bad yet, but I’ll report back.
  • SUNDAY – I’m going to leave Sunday open, because every week I end up finding some inspiration or craving and I wish I had a space in the menu for it. If I don’t (that would be weird), we’ll collaborate with the in-laws and figure out what sounds good for everyone. Steak frites? Hmmmm.

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Virtual Dinner Party Edition

  1. I hear the chicken cacciatore was a hit, so I can’t wait to try it. I’m a little worried about our pork chops, though. I may have over rubbed them and they are currently sitting in a puddle of their own drawn-out moisture. I really like the recipes though. Thanks.

  2. They tasted yummy, but the puddle was disturbing. I took pictures for El, but I’m not sure if she’s posted them or not.

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