A Little Tea

Circular Tea Swap Tea

Circular Tea Swap Tea

I love tea. So I count myself lucky to be a participant in the BPAL.org circular tea swap that’s running right now. Essentially, there is a giant box of tea — see contents above — making its way around the country. Each person receives the box, tries various teas, replaces as much as they took with OTHER teas, and sends it on along. There are easily 50+ kinds here (I’ll update with a real total when I get through them all). It’s tea madness!

I love drinking tea. It’s a little ritual that makes me feel more anchored, and more at home. I don’t actually drink much hot tea in the summer; I’ve never gotten the “hot beverages cool you down” effect, much as I’ve tried. But I do like iced tea, and sweet tea. Still, it’s best when the weather starts to cool (which actually it’s not doing right now — it’s getting hotter, but a girl can pretend) and I feel like I can cuddle up with a cup of tea, a book, and a comfy sweater. I doubt it gets much better unless, of course, there’s a teapot and a tea cozy involved.

My favorite teas are English Breakfast (with just a touch of milk, no sugar), gunpowder green, and Zhenya’s Coconut Chai. I like lots of herbal teas (really tisanes, yes?) as well. I suspect my time with the swap box will introduce some new favorites.


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