Menu Plan Monday: Actually, it’s Sunday. Again.

This is another use-it-up week, because the items on sale are mostly not food related, and I want to make peach preserves and pickles. That means the grocery budget needs to go to those things instead of to exciting ingredients. I’m also meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow night, so overall it’s a good week to clear out the freezer.

I failed at posting recipes last week. I forgot to take pictures, and I keep saying to myself that I want to post pictures with recipes, because I think it makes them more interesting. So I’ll either decide to post this week sans photos, or I won’t. I’m not sure. What do you think?

  • MONDAY – Jing Chuan with Sheryl. I anticipate a great deal of hot and sour soup and dumplings.
  • TUESDAY – Chicken kiev (from frozen), scalloped potatoes, frozen vegetable, sliced tomatoes.
  • WEDNESDAY – Crock pot barbeque pork with onions (shredded on sandwiches), french fries, sliced tomatoes, canteloupe.
  • THURSDAY – Barbeque pork fried rice (using leftover rice from my lunch), sliced tomatoes.
  • FRIDAY – Some sort of crumb-encrusted baked fish, haluski, sliced tomatoes.
  • SATURDAY – Schwan’s chicken pot pies (review forthcoming), salad, sliced tomatoes.
  • SUNDAY – I’m leaving Sunday open again so I have a spot for something that strikes my fancy. This week we’re having spinach and mushroom pizza, and I’m glad we are, because it sounds tasty.

This week’s menu has a common side dish! Did you notice it? Ha, ha. Have a look at the other Menu Plan Monday participants, too! Thanks as always to the Organizing Junkie for hosting.


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Actually, it’s Sunday. Again.

  1. Its so great to find someone else who does this! Menu planning and my weekly shopping list is one of my favorite times of the week. Admittedly though I get pretty excited about anything that requires my crazy organizational skills.



    • Gosh, yes. I make spreadsheets for e.v.e.r.y.thing, so menu planning and making shopping lists is one of the highlights of my week, too! I love looking at the ads and coupons on Sunday morning and deciding what to eat for the week. Sometimes I’m not as good at sticking to the plan, but I’m getting better.

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