My Monkeys: Or, an Adventure in Socks

One Little Monkey

One Little Monkey

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I enjoy knitting. But every year in the summer, something happens. I would just blame it on the hot weather, except that we do have that modern innovation known as air conditioning. Whatever it is, all my knitting motivation goes straight out the window. So the return of cooler weather and the beginning of fall is really my favorite time of year. Right now, it’s 67F at 1pm. I know it’s going to get hotter again before the season changes in earnest, but I can pretend, right?

Once it starts cooling down, I start knitting again. I’ve got a backlog of custom orders and swaps at the moment, but I kept picking them up and going “nnnngh.” So I decided to knit something for myself first. Something fun and relatively quick to get me back into the habit, right?

The result is this one of a pair of Monkey socks by Cookie A. It’s the first of her patterns I’ve knitted, and I really like it. I’m usually a toe-up kind of girl when knitting socks, and this is cuff-down, but it’s very intuitive and the lace pattern is easy to memorize. I’m working on the second sock now and I don’t even have the pattern in front of me (though I will probably give it a look before I get to the gusset).

The yarn is from Dyeabolical Yarns. I have a confession to make. Usually I love handpainted yarns on the skein. They look so appealing and delicious. And then I knit with them and kind of go “eeeeeh, meh,” because they make weird stripes and blotches and aren’t actually my thing. I ordered this yarn because it was so very pretty in the picture, and guess what? I LOVE IT. It may have changed my mind about multi-colored socks. It’s kettle dyed, so the variegations are different, with much shorter runs of color. I love working with it, because the color is constantly changing in my hands, making it entertaining to watch. I will definitely be trying other colors of her yarn because I’m so pleased with this one. (The twist is nice and tight, no splitting problems either.)

I’ve actually cast on the second sock and am halfway through the cuff, so I’m hoping to have a wearable pair by Monday. Bring on the cooler weather — I’ve got yarn for a sweater on the way! I mean, after I finish the 8 pairs of mitts and a scarf.


8 thoughts on “My Monkeys: Or, an Adventure in Socks

  1. OMG, I completely LOVE those socks. Those are enough to make me get off my ass and learn to knit. I have to have a pair. I know, why don’t you come teach me how to knit?

  2. Wow! I am so envious! I have no ability whatsoever when it comes to yarn crafts. Well, actually not for a lot of crafts… but I can certainly appreciate the work and talent involved!


  3. Aw, thanks! They are really easy to knit, honestly — they just look complicated. The other one is nearly done. I’m so glad it’s cooling off again and I am in the mood to knit.

  4. Those are goregous! I am always so jealous in a good way of you knitters…i can barely just sew a button. Your pics are amazing too, look like they should be a in magazine…. – ICLW

  5. Just in time for fall! Those are just beautiful. I don’t usually go for multicolored socks either, but that yarn and that pattern just look so nice together.

    :: ICLW ::

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