What’s for Dinner?

I haven’t done Menu Plan Monday for a couple of weeks; somehow my schedule’s gotten all off-kilter and I haven’t had my menus done. We’ve been doing decently well at eating at home, though, and that makes me happy; part of it is using Schwan’s for certain premade items. I don’t feel like the nutrition is quite up to par there, but as I think I’ve said, it keeps us in the habit of eating here rather than running out for fast food. Small steps, right?

I figured I’d type out our “menu plan” for this week, though some of it is, you know, post-dated.

  • Monday: Lunch was… apparently unremarkable. I think it was a scavenging kind of day and I had cottage cheese and peach preserves. Dinner? Taco Rice, one of the world’s perfect foods. I had a lot of homemade salsa on hand, which makes it even better. Have I posted here about taco rice? If not, I really should, sometime. I hate to admit this, but it’s really good for eating at the computer. I was unexpectedly invited to raid in World of Warcraft on Monday night, and I was glad my dinner was in a bowl, with a spoon. Ahem.
  • Tuesday: I had a leftover peach-marsala glazed pork chop with rice for lunch. For dinner, we got sandwiches at Jimmy John’s, and lo, they were delicious. And filling.
  • Wednesday: Griddled cheese fidlops (aka grilled cheese sandwiches), potato chips, and green olives for lunch. We’re having sirloin steaks, tomatoes with blue cheese, some frozen vegetable, and baguette for dinner — the steaks are marinating now in worcestershire sauce, kochujang, garlic powder, and seasoning salt.
  • Thursday: I’m thinking fried rice for lunch, to use up the half of my steak I probably won’t finish tonight. Dinner is FOOTBALL TIEM!!!1!11! because it’s the season opener for the Steelers. We’re having buffalo chicken dip, and a spinach and mushroom pizza from Schwan’s. The pizza is actually really good — usually I hate frozen pizza because it almost always has red sauce, and I hate oregano + tomato (= BLORF). This has a creamy garlic sauce and the crust is not bad for frozen ‘za. I think there will also be beer involved.
  • Friday: Leftover pizza and dip for lunch. Picadillo for dinner, and this time I think I’ll be able to post a recipe. Mmm. I’m going to try to get some plantains, too, to go with it — I’m not sure Zack’s ever even had a plantain.
  • Saturday: Something quick for lunch, though I don’t know what, and stuffed cabbage! for dinner.
  • Sunday: Leftovers for lunch (whatever’s around), and I get to go out for Mexican with a friend who’s stopping through town. Woo!

2 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

  1. Oops. Um… a month later I reply to you, right? I haven’t had much inspiration to blog lately, plus I’ve been busy. And apparently WP decided no longer to notify me of comments. Sorry Bets!

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