Desktop Background: October 2009

I’ve been wanting to make calendar desktop backgrounds for a long time, to give my readers something to download. This is my first attempt; it shares an image with the new October blog header. I hope you like it. It’s available to fit a 1024×768 monitor but should scale for smaller monitors. Sorry, no widescreen available yet! To use for Windows, just click on the image to bring it up, then right-click and select “Set as Desktop Background.” In the Position dropdown menu, select “Stretch,” then click “Set Desktop Background” and you should be all set. My Mac laptop is broken at the moment, and I can’t remember how to set desktops in MacOS. Maybe a friendly reader could help me out.

Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Calendar, October 2009


2 thoughts on “Desktop Background: October 2009

  1. I really like it, but wish that the calendar was flipped to the other portion of the screen. All of my shortcuts are on the left.

    Nice though!

  2. In Safari on OS X, you can right-click on the (full-size) image and select “Use Image as Desktop Picture”. I think in most cases, it is browser-dependant not OS-dependant.

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