Cushions Galore

So, I’ve kind of decided that, for the new place, I’m not going to buy any stopgap items. I have enough to make it, and I was out of work for long enough to become exceedingly frugal. Anything I buy is going to be something I want to keep for a very long time. As such, I haven’t found much I really want to acquire, but I’ve spent a lot of time window shopping for housewares.

I guess I’ve settled on a sort of Deco/Nouveau/Craftsman bastardized bungalow theme for my decorating. I think it’ll look good in this house, and if I do move and/or buy a place, I expect to look for a bungalow of some sort which means it’ll all transfer over. (I note at this point that this post is far too full of commas.)

So I’ve already mentioned the Liberty of London for Target comforter set I got. It’s sort of a large paisley print in grey and teal and mustard yellow, and I’m trying to play off of that. The next logical step? Pillows. Throw pillows, everywhere. I guess technically the next step ought to be curtains but I still haven’t found any I like (currently planning to make some of muslin with nice fabrics at the hem… someday). Plus, I don’t have curtain rods, and I want to see if I can make the existing hardware work.

Anyway. Pillows. I spent about a week poking around, looking at fabrics, changing my mind about what I wanted. I finally narrowed it down to four fabrics, which I bought a little of today on Etsy. Zack is bringing my sewing stuff down this weekend when he comes to visit (YAY).


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