Froth and Bubble Update

I haven’t been doing much else that would qualify for inclusion on this blog, but I’m pleased with my progress on the Long Dog Samplers Froth and Bubble chart. I definitely sometimes wish I also had a smaller project going, but I’m enjoying this one because of the bright colors. Next on my BAP list are Inspiration from Rosewood Manor, and the Polly Phillip reproduction sampler from the Scarlet Letter. Meanwhile I’ve got to pick some kind of small, like a scissors case and biscornu perhaps. I could really use a biscornu. Somehow I feel like keeping my needles stuck into the um, mattress in the living room (I KNOW OK) is less than elegant.

I’ve gotten used to the scroll frame now, although it involves stitching upside-down. Soon I’ll have to start right side up again and I expect that will be confusing. I’ve got an ArtBin box I picked up for a few dollars that I use to organize the floss I’m working with, which is all, of course, silk from Vikki at Hand-Dyed Fibers. And which is lovely and a joy to work with, so go buy some. Really.

Here’s the project box; the colors I use more often are in the small compartments at the bottom for easy access, while most of the rest live on the tags they came with. For $3 I really love this box; much tidier than having a bunch of Ziploc bags floating around. Isn’t my couch just hideous?

And here’s my progress on the chart as of this evening. I got a fair bit done tonight. My entire weekend plan was to finish up some audio books, watch the new Pillars of the Earth adaptation (to which I give two thumbs down, ugh), and stitch. So far, so good.



I have been remarkably un-creative for far too long now; I’m trying to ease myself back into making things in my free time. I could go into some long explanation about depression, and infertility leading me to think well, why bother to put energy into making stuff when I’d rather make a person, and blah blah Ginger, but I don’t think I feel like it. And I imagine you don’t feel like reading it.

So. Most all of my crafty stuff has been coming here piecewise from Michigan, as Zack remembers to bring it on his visits. I still haven’t knit anything since God only knows when and the 90F weather is not exactly motivational when it comes to wool, but I have projects that need to be finished and so I’m hoping to get back to it soon. I can’t seem to find half my knitting needles, though, and that is Bad. Anyway, hot, missing kit, no knitting.

I’ve got the fabric to make some fabulous throw pillows, but I haven’t yet found coordinating cotton or silk in just the right color, so the fabric is just kind of sitting.

And so I am left with needlework, which is something I’ve toyed with since I embroidered a pillowcase for myself (very badly) at some point in elementary school. I love embroidery, but only very specific sorts; for example, while I enjoy doing cross-stitch, I don’t like most of the designs that are available at JoAnn. Well, really, I don’t like any of them. Also, stitching with DMC cotton is the opposite of relaxing, what with the grating texture and the knots and the snags.

Fortunately there’s the Internet, and the Hand-Dyed Fibers forums, and that means easy access to charts I like and plenty of lovely, lovely silk thread. Thanks to the folks at HDF, I am putting together a nice collection of bookmarks that will presumably lead me down the path of historical embroidery, but that’s another post for another time.

This was all a rather long-winded way of getting to the fact that I am currently working on stitching a sampler from Long Dog, called “Froth & Bubble.” It’s a band sampler modeled after older band samplers, although entirely in cross-stitch. (I want to expand my embroidery techniques but I feel I need someone to perhaps show me in person.) I am working mine in HDF silks on an antique white 28ct evenweave cotton, one over one. I really need a magnifying lens. Please do go look at the design, because the photo of my progress so far will give you no idea at all what it actually looks like.

I’ve started over once already, because I did some of the black outlining stitches first and seriously disliked the way it looked when I filled in. So from now on, lighter colors first. I wonder if there’s some guideline about that. Probably. Here it is as of this evening; I’m about to put on my audiobook (Tears of the Giraffe, by the way) and try to put a few more strands down.

Froth & Bubble