A New Nest, With Egg!

Long time no see, huh? Let’s try this blogging thing again and see if I manage to stick with it. I didn’t seem to have much to say when I was living by myself, but now, not only is my husband here, but we’re in a new apartment AND there’s a baby on the way! Almost five years exactly since we started trying, with some obvious breaks, we are very, very excited to meet Baby Hoho (like the monkey from Kai Lan, guys, not the defunct snack cake) at the end of May.

And so, hello. Again. Forthcoming are probably rambling thoughts on pregnancy, reviews of various stuff, recipes, and whatever springs to mind. I will probably talk quite a lot about pregnancy and babies; just fair warning. I am having a hard time even thinking about all that TTC and such, although I’ll post a bit about it, I expect.


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